Sunday, July 27, 2008

The classics

Certainly the odd or extraordinary has
become the expected after 2 years in Guam

Nevertheless, I hope we won't forget the classics.

Boonie cars, boonie roads, boonie dogs,
boonie furniture, boonie stomps, boonie pigs;
All classics!
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The everyday things

These really are the things we see every day here...

The blondies getting their pictures taken (again) by tourists

The black butterflies
I've removed more wings from
bed pillows and car seats than I care to acknowledge.

Ahhh, of course, the beautiful beaches

and tropical fruits heaped upon local fruit stands.
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A few more Classics....

The kids collecting seaside treasures,

The towering cliffs, the unforgiving rock and coral,

the kids' eagerness to try 'sour sap', fresh coconut,
star fruit and so many ethnic foods,

and of course, the boonie stuff...
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All tuckered out

We're all tuckered out,

 because we've been

Here, There
and Everywhere!

We're so glad Aunt Julie and Aunt Betsy
chose to be with us, wherever that is!


How could we resist a weekend in the sun
with Aunt Julie and Aunt Betsy?

We couldn't!

Soooo SUN

And FUN it was!

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