Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I miss my sisters. I miss them a lot.
Jul and Bets- we all miss you and hope to see you again soon!

The Two Sisters

Hard to believe

When we arrived in Guam she was only 2 years old.

There's something a little sad about leaving a
place behind where the kids have done so much growing.
It's hard to imagine what the next two years has in store for them.
Bo Bella has been a little sad lately, worrying about the friends she'll miss.
She's grown up a lot in the 2 years here.

In some ways, I think the kids know better than we do
-not to take our time in Guam for granted.
After all, where else could we lounge around on
incredibly beautiful beaches any day of the year?
For now though, I can't help but to look at those little feet and wonder
where they'll wander over the next few years.

Bo Bella

Quite recently, someone asked how she acquired that name,

"Stella Stella Bo Bella, Bannana Fanna Fo Fella,...."

as the song goes.
She's got a little soul that is as carefree as the song.

It's just what makes Bo Bella,..Bo Bella

Addie at Tarague

Addie wasn't much in the mood for pictures today.
She wasn't much in the mood for the beach either.
In fact she seemed pretty tuckered out from all of our holiday festivities.

At one point I noticed she was writing in the sand.

It wasn't until I walked around her that I realized what she was writing...

More of Addie Bug

The bestest gift of all

Stella said the other day that her "bestest gift of all this Christmas"
is her "shiny new brother".

Shiny? Hmmm. I don't know.
But he sure does have bright eyes
and a couple of irresistible dimples!

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It's in the details...

We just love this little guy.

 From the swirls on his head

 to his little fingers and toes.

The twinkling eyes

and button nose.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Happy Bwuffday"

Happy Bwuffday! (As Emory would say)

Dig it!

He's "this many" years old now!

 We had a tiny party with friends and neighbors

who helped finish off his "chalk-ate digga" cake.
Seemed his favorite part was the 'chalk-ate on the digga'
Guess it was a 'rockin' party!

Poor little guy, fell asleep before we could even get him
in the tubby!

Happy Birthday Monkey!

And Guess What ...

He got for his Birthday?

 Yesiree! A brand spankin' new bike! Check that helmet out!

He's on fire! Whew!

Well, at least he WILL be,..once he learns how to peddle and steer!

Happy 3rd Emory!
May all of your journeys be safe, filled with fun and
full of adventure!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I couldn't resist

Just a few more Christmas photos to post...

Something fun about watching Emory and his Thomas the Train set.
Santa pulled it out of the toy box and put it around the tree for him.

New stockings for the family!

Couldn't resist getting the camera out for this one.
The kids had been playing and had consequently put these together.

Merry Christmas from Guam !

We make a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake every year.
Though with the recent travel, we'd skipped right over Emory's birthday.
This meant I would be making 2 birthday cakes in a matter of 7-10 days. Ugh!
So Addie asked if we might be able to order an ice cream cake this year instead. Why not?
Happy Birthday Jesus!

All too Quickly....

we went from reading Christmas stories and singing Christmas carols in the car,

to Santa eating up all those cookies, and the busy season drawing to a close.

It was fun!... wasn't it?
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