Monday, December 22, 2008

We got our twinkle on!

We heard about this amazing 'village' display in a church
and drove over to check it out.
Amazing was an understatement!

Emory was fascinated with everything,
the trains, hot air balloons, infinite moving scenes and of course, the 'diggas'.

This is the kind of twinkle that lightens
your step in the Christmas season

and warms the hearts of kids from '1 to 92'.
Merry Christmas!
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Tara said...

Mandy, I am loving all your photos and posts. I saw Matt was Ray's friend on facebook....I had to check out your sight. You all look amazing and happy.

mph0172 said...

Hey Tara! Great to hear from you!!!! Keep checking in and keep in touch! Hope you are all happy as well! Take Care!