Monday, December 22, 2008

Rota Walk,..ahhh it's over!

So every year at Christmastime, the residents of Rota Drive
on Andersen AFB host "Rota Walk".
This may be the most painstaking and expensive undertaking
the housing office puts upon us. But no doubt, it's also
quite celebrated and appreciated by the families all over the base.
After 2 years of hanging lights, fixing strands, finding duds, and cleaning
up the aftermath of garbage from our back yard, we truly resented
having to go through this event again. As residents, we're supposed to spread
'good cheer', but 3 restless kids, a newborn, an upcoming move to Europe and jet lag
made us more like the Grinch than anything.

The Christmas spirit can never hide for long in our home however.
We pulled out the lights and found that most were not going to light. We had to come up with an alternative and decorate the yard quickly. So,..snowman boxes it was! This was my terribly cheap and rather easy way to decorate the yard. Who says you can't build a snowman in the tropics? They served us well and have found a new home at the recycling center.

Our neighbors have a fabulous display of squadron spirit..
"Fly Navy" - for all the Air Force families to look upon :)
And in case you wondered what Santa's military ID looks like...

The folks down the street set up an elaborate "Operation Candy Drop" for the kiddos. You can bet it was a hit as their plane set off down a runway of lights and glided over the street to drop a basket of candy about every 30 seconds to a minute.

The mission must have been successful because our kids came home with about a pound of candy in hand. Santa will be stuffing toothbrushes into stockings this year!
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