Sunday, December 21, 2008

Round the World in ...a Few Days

We had the opportunity to fly "Space Available"on a military flight
back to Pennsylvania to visit family and friends.
So we packed our bags and headed out.

This is not a luxurious way to fly, nor is it easy.
But it can be fairly cheap.
It's also a rather unpredictable way to travel,
and that meant spending 18 hours in a terminal in Hawaii.
The entire travel time to get home from Guam was 54 hours.

The kids handled it well though.
They slept where they could and
molded themselves to fit in whatever space
they had, wherever they were.

This December, it wasn't sugar plum fairies
dancing in their heads.
It was the thought of snow falling,
snowman pancakes,
and time with family that they craved.

Thank you to Grandpa Hill for making the trip
to pick us up in Ohio
and later see us off in Pittsburgh.
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