Saturday, January 31, 2009

With Much Regret

It is with much regret that I left daddy babysitting Emory and Stella yesterday while I attended a farewell luncheon given by the squadron Officers' Spouses' Club. When I came home, as I passed by the front door, I noticed the video camera outside on a ledge. I thought to myself "oh, that's nice, maybe daddy was capturing some sweet moments outside with the kids."
I couldn't have been more wrong.
While daddy was on duty, changing laundry from the washer to dryer, Emory decided that "the video camera needed washed".
So Emory took it outside and put it under the water spicket.
It is with much regret that I tell you there will be no more video on the blog, at least for awhile.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

4 Months Later~

He's playing, rolling over, eating, eating, and eating.

He's teething, droooooooooling, gnawing, dribbling,
did I mention drooling?

He grins, giggles, blows bubbles, and
(which is really quite adorable).

So much fun for everyone!

Although admittedly, I hope when I blog "5 months later"
it would be nice to add 'sleeping through the night' :)
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The Last Flight

Daddy had his last flight in the helicopter today.
Traditionally, after the last flight, the squadron hoses the pilot down.
They kindly let this group, who were prepared with buckets,
to give daddy a little dousing first....

and of course, then, the fire hose...

Joe was Matt's co-pilot for the flight...
Congratulations on 2400 mishap free flight hours Matt.
We love you!
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Crew

The Painting Crew that is...

As painful as moving can be,
Matt and I want the kids to embrace military moves.
We want them to look forward to what lies ahead and
appreciate the opportunity to travel as they have.
We decided that one of the easiest ways to
let them be a part of the move, is,... to paint!

If you don't move, you can't draw all over the walls!
If you don't move, you don't paint with "big brushes"!
Of course, getting a little messy goes with the territory.
Messy seems to make this crew very happy.

They did a great job today.
We're happy pleased with the cheap labor.
Now we hope they will look forward
to the next painting job!
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Bringing Up Boys

I'm reading a book called 'Bringing Up Boys'.
So far, the underlying message throughout is
that boys will be boys.
Accept it.
Boys are going to be dirty.
They will carry bugs in their pockets.
They will be noisy.
They are loaded with energy.
They have a need to move,
and climb, and run,
and make trouble.

So the take home message is to celebrate boys.
Focus their attention, channel their energy,
savor their curiosity if not feed it.
I'm not much for parenting via a book, but this one makes sense.
So for now Emory, we'll celebrate you throughout your boyhood!
...just don't get too dirty :)

Pig Poop

OK, so just when I thought I was done saying "good-bye" to Guam...
Pig Poop.

This is not a joke.
We woke up this morning, and came outside
to find pig poop on our doorstep. Unbelievable.
A parting shot from the 'island of not quite right'.
There is a very large boar that roams the neighborhood at night.
Matt has seen him when he's been walking outside
trying to calm a fussy Arleigh down.
We've had to clean up pig 'piles' in the yard and on the sidewalk,
but never has he been so daring as to leave a present on our doorstep.
I will not miss you pig.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Island Farewell

Stella says it all in her Island Farewell.

We'll miss you Guam!


I have this handy little book called "Kid Chat". It's filled with tons of questions to spark creative thinking and thought provoking conversation with your kiddos. I thought over the course of the move, while we can't always upload pics to the blog, I'd do a blog or two on 'Kid Chat'.
Here's the first of more kid chat to come....

If you could get rid of one color completely, what color would it be?

Addie: "Black -it's too dark"

If you could paint a giant mural on one entire wall in your bedroom, what scene or images would you paint?

Stella: "A girl playing a piano."

If snow could fall in any flavor, what flavor would you choose?

Emory: "Chok-ate milk."

Monday, January 19, 2009

Young M.D.

Emory is holding Arleigh, and Arleigh is,
a little gassy.
Emory begins to look concerned.
Then Emory seems to have diagnosed Arleigh's problem...

"Mum, Al-lee's bum is bwurp-ing."
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The Next Thing I Know

So one minute I'm on the floor, playing
with my "favorite-ist" 3 month old.

and the next minute he's sleeping.

and just a few minutes later,
...I've been replaced.

At least he's in good hands with ol' Daisy girl.
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Uh, ...Nap Time?

So what's wrong with this picture?
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A little get together

So, we just had to invite a few friends to share
the fun of box sledding.

Dads and moms got out there too.
It really was a day for the young at heart.

We're so glad that everyone had a good time and
that the kids asked to get out there
on the hill again before we left.

Heck, I think we should go again tomorrow!
Thanks to all the neighbors
who made this "one last time" a lot of fun!
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Look Ma!

Oh My little Stella.
She is fascinated with creatures big and small.

In this case she's found a bigger version of the smaller creatures.
A moth.

I think he was trying to hitch a ride to Belgium.
We found him in a box the movers were going to use.
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Box Sledding

One of the benefits of moving and living in a warm climate...

Cardboard boxes, Warm sunny days, Dry Grass
and ...Box Sledding!
One of their 'last requests' was to box sled.
The movers kindly provided a few boxes and
the sun gladly gave us a day with no rain.
So, down the hill they slid!
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