Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year's Resolution

OK, so he found this little pink mirror in the girls' dress up box.
He's obsessed with it. Really,...infatuated.
Should I be concerned?

I resolve not to worry this year.
Not to sweat the small stuff...
not to cringe when Stella puts on rain boots, striped pants, and a polka dot shirt for church,
not to frown when Emory goes to the grocery store with a pink purse on his arm,
not to grimace at Addie's hand on her hip as she works her way from age 6 to 16 in a blink,
and not to whine about nursing Arleigh every 2 hours at night,..
even when my eyes are burning and I can't keep them open.
I resolve not to cry over spilt milk, even though I'd be wiping it up for the 400th time.
We'll instead look forward to a New Year, and hope for continued health and happiness.
No sweat on the small stuff man, and Emory,... you're lookin' fine kid!

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Julia said...

Somebody, please....get Emory a football!!!