Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On the Move!!!!!

Oh Boy! We're at it again!
Boxes everywhere,
living out of suitcases,
a financial drain,
and wishing to be settled quickly.
Though the reality and past
experience tells us that it's more likely
that there will be a lot of adjusting along the way.

Matt thought this picture looked like a Rock Band album cover....

Amazing to think about the miles this guy will have
traveled before he turns 4 months old!

One for the scrapbooks...

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Julia said...

Just make sure that little guy doesn't get packed away in one of those boxes!

Gene said...

just think--with some ribbons & bows--it could be christmas all over again

mph0172 said...

Gene you're too funny! That's a great idea! and...if we don't get into a house until July, it could be "Christmas in July"! :) (let's hope not!)