Saturday, February 28, 2009

All Aboard!

This was the conductor for the train back to Brussels.
He captivated the kids with his whistle, the checking of his watch constantly, and
their favorite moment- punching the tickets.

It was as if he'd been paid to act as the
conductor from the Polar Express movie.
They ate it up.
I'm so glad we went by train today.
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Heading home

So with bellies full, we headed back to the train station.

But the kids decided that their bellies had just enough room left for some waffles.
We had some time to kill anyway, so we indulged.

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How could we resist?

We just couldn't resist the calling
of the hosts from this Italian restaurant.

It turned out to be a good call.
Great dinner for everyone.
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We walked on..

So no, we didn't stop here for dinner.

I took this picture though because of the cousins back home-
Fans of Chick -fil -A, meet your European counterpart, Hector!
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and on

Addie stands in front of a soap store.
Handmade soaps behind her-
she was fascinated by how big the soap bars were.

We could have stopped to eat at any number of fabulous looking places.
This one caught my eye because of the chandeliers outside.
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After the zoo, we meandered a bit to see the city and find a place to grab dinner.
There were tons of cafes and restaurants with hosts at the door,
beckoning us to come inside and try their food.

Ahh, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Emory decided that we should eat at Ben and Jerry's.
"Can we mom? Can we?"

Instead, we walked a bit further...

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No honey, that's not a tiger...

It was at this moment that Addie said,
"Mom Look! That one has a broken leg! See! He only has one leg!"
("Ah dear, look closer, he's standing on one leg and has the other tucked up.")

In front of the zebras, Emory exclaimed "Look! a tiger!" ("No sweetie, that's a zebra.")

While viewing the tigers, Emory pointed out "Look dad! A tiger! and a dead tiger!" ("No Emory, the other tiger is sleeping, he's not dead.")

Yeah, it's been a while since we have been able to visit a zoo,
so this was a bit of an educational trip too.
Emory related all the animals to the only thing he knows
about giraffes, penguins, lions, zebras, and hippos
....the movie, "Madagascar".

Somehow, despite our attempts in Guam to show them books and pictures,
they still seemed to lack basic kiddo knowledge on the animal kingdom.

I don't know how many times we had to say
"no honey, that's NOT a ___".
We spent the day looking for Alex,Marty, Melman, and Gloria
The favorites of the Madagascar crowd.

Clearly, we have our work cut out for us.

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In de Zoo

Once we arrived at the zoo, it was lunchtime and we were all hungry.
So we grabbed a bite to eat before setting off.

And we had a guest at our table.
There are very few birds on Guam, so the kids aren't used to seeing birds.
Let alone this close.
They weren't exactly sure how to handle it, and
they were not inclined to give up lunch to make friends.
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Trip to Antwerp

Today we ventured out to do a lot.
We took the metro to the central station and then took a train to Antwerp.
In Antwerp, we visited the zoo, meandered a bit and
then had dinner before trekking back home again.
It took us longer to find the metro station then it did to get there,
but we learned a lot about the transportation system in the meantime.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Eyeball Overload

Today was a "metro madness"class, where we learned to get around Brussels.
I had Arleigh along in the Bjorn carrier, a diaper bag in one hand and the camera in my other.
As we sat on a bus approaching the center of the city, I became overwhelmed.
There was so much to look at all at once.

While my eyes were entertained, my brain was screaming out
"Slow down bus driver! I'm not done looking at that yet!
Go Back! Go Back! I want to see that again!"
Down to the last detail, the city is beautiful.
I can't wait to take the kids.
I encourage you to double click on the blog photos in order to better see the architectural details.

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a chocolate of many here.
I passed one called "Chocopolis"
and thought, 'how perfect the name'!

so many quaint corners here

Rue de Bouchers
This meandering cobblestone pedestrian thoroughfare is known as "the belly of Brussels".
Facades here are protected as the street hosts a variety of restaurants and cafes.

Galeries St- Hubert
The first shopping arcade in Europe, it oozes elegance
and houses a range of luxury shops and cafes.

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