Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Details

Wow, we're going to miss these beaches.
We've been told by several folks who've lived here years ago
to "savor it", " enjoy your last days there",
"take a mental picture and then hold it in your heart forever".

Now that we're down to the last few days on island,
I find myself grasping at details, and the things
I really want to remember.
The beaches- amazing.
The way the water hits you- it's like bathwater.
Under the water, bright fish and various coral reefs that
would entertain divers and snorkelers all day.

The crystal clear water, the sand- grainy and rough.
The way the palms blow in the wind,
so much that it sounds like it's raining outside.

Stella, in tears, told Matt last weekend
that she wanted to go to the beach once more.
I'm so glad she asked to go-
I think we all needed a chance
to capture a few details!
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