Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A few changes

Lots of stuff is done a little differently around here. We thought we'd share a few of the new things... This is how they prefer to move your things into your house or apartment. It's often referred to as an "elevator" or "lift" and seems to make a lot more sense than 3-4 guys huffing and puffing up 3 flights of stairs. Not sure why they haven't caught on to this idea in the states.

On of our favorite new things seems better than sliced bread. It's exactly that. Fresh (very fresh) baked bread. You slice it yourself or have the bakery slice it for you. Yummy!
Ahhhh, this is one of those things that I think the kids will remember forever about Belgium. The entrance to a lot of the larger variety stores, Cora and Carrefour, similar to Target or Wal-Mart, have this incredibly cool escalator thing that holds your cart for you. You ride it into and out of the store. Very fun!
I just had to add this one- cause I'm constantly trying to read and figure out the language now. Mr Clean has become "Mr Propre"! When I sign into check Gmail it's called "Gmail van Google", when I sign into blog it says "bloggen maken". Flemish is more common, but there are a lot of areas of French as well, and a little bit of German. It's a wonder everyone can understand each other.
The fridge- it's a lot smaller. This is the average size fridge here. I asked Stella to stand in the picture just to give some perspective. Note the freezer on top. (The little white box under the microwave). This is a big change for us!

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Else Demeulenaere said...

Hi mandy! How are you? You know I think I had the wrong blog address at first... an old one and it kept on giving an old post ... sorry ... but from today on I'm going to catch up a bit ... and comment here and there.

the fridge thing was one thing we couldn't believe moving to guam, so much space. Both my and toms parents have a fridge that size, small, but just big enough.

Hey have fun out there,

hugs else