Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The family took a short trip to the beach today.
As I watched everyone, I realized that I'm going to miss
how each of us enjoy the beach in our own way.
The kids always explore and find something,
examine it, and then beg to bring it home.

Today, Emory found a rock that fascinated him.

Addie was intrigued with an animal bone.
(I think it's a dog leg, she thinks it's a pig bone.
Who knows...)

Stella loves to search out hermit crabs.
(and I might add that she tends to
borderline torture them as well)

They all have their own way to enjoy outings.
All I know right now, is that it's a very bittersweet good-bye for me.
After 2 miscarriages here, I feel like I'm leaving babies behind.
They will always be missing from my photos and I will continue to wonder
how exactly they would have enjoyed the beaches too.
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