Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kid Chat

Ok, so I promised Kid chat when I wasn't able to update the blog with photos during the move...
Here it is. Some kid chat. (Photos of our new pad to be posted in a few days.)
If you could star in any movie, what movie would it be?
Addie "The Polar Express. I'd like to be the girl."
Stella "Curious George. I'd be George."
Emory "Madagascar. I'd like to be Marty." (and I might mention that he proceeded to dance around the room singing "I wike ta mooo-ve et, moove et."
What are three jobs you think might really be fun to have someday?
Addie -"A builder, a vet, a pharmacist" (Hmmm, I wonder who role models for her eh?)
Stella - "Run a grocery store, be a teacher, take care of people"
(somehow Stella running a grocery store conjures up odd ideas in my head..can you imagine her doing that?)
Emory - "A builder, a train driver, a pilot" (go figure)
What is your favorite sound?
Addie - "wind blowing through the trees"
Stella - "Birds tweeting"
Emory - "Jet pw-anes"
....(Matt states for Emory, more specifically, it's the sound of the rotors turning on an MH-60 sierra)

an update ~The learning curve is huge (as with every move). We're really busy trying to find a house, getting briefed, getting directions, getting briefed, talking to realtors, getting briefed. I kid you not- the military seems to have a brief for everything around here. We think we found a house to rent but it won't be ready until April. It's in a French commune and though it isn't all that prettiest European home, it's got what we need. After Guam, we're just happy to have more than 3 bedrooms. I'm taking a class on Friday to learn the public transportation system. I hope to post photos from around town then. The kids are going nutso in the hotel (as we all are). So we just keep ourselves happy with chocolate and keep on tuckin'. :) Yeah- chocolate, it's my own version of Prozac.

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