Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Out and About

Matt had to get some things done today and I dreaded the thought
of sitting another day in a hotel room with the kids.
Instead I asked Matt to just drop us off and let us walk around while we went into work.
We wandered for about 2 hours.
We made a stop at the flower shop.

Then the bakery.

Emory got away with a little snack :)

The 'smart car'- we must have passed at least 15 of these along our way.
The funniest little thing on the road,
and amazing that it's just a bit bigger than the 4 year old!

So much to share- we'll post more soon!
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1 comment:

Else Demeulenaere said...

yep cars, the same as fridges, no big cars in belgium, no pick-up trucks hihi, funny to read