Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Playing in the Park

Due to moving conditions, we're eating out a lot more right now.
Tonight, after another dinner out, I suggested we
walk over to the park across from the restaurant
and let the kids run around a bit.
They loved this idea- cause "it's where Miss Jamie took our pictures."
I happened to have my camera with me and
though I can come no where close to what 'Miss Jamie' does,
we took a few pics for the record.

I've looked at photos from our first days on the island
a lot lately and it's heartbreaking to see how much the kids have grown.
Yet, it seems important to document just how little they still are
before I find myself looking at pictures as we pack up over the next move,
and again, wonder where the time went...

It wasn't long though, before Stella said
"Mom, please put down your camera and dance with me."
So documentation went out the window and we danced
in the gazebo together.

I look forward to them,
for them
and with them.
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