Friday, March 27, 2009

Daisy Girl

Our Daisy dog was diagnosed with cancer almost
immediately after we landed in Belgium, just 6 weeks ago.

Since her initial diagnosis, her decline has been fairly rapid, right before our eyes.
Yet she's tried so hard to be strong for us.
She wakes up with the kids, still stands watch over the baby at night, and maintains enough energy to take a walk.
The vet told us yesterday however, that she doesn't have long to live now.
That if we don't want her to suffer,
we should really talk about bringing her into for a final visit to the office.
It's heart breaking. She is only 10 years old and the best dog anyone could have asked for.
Her mom's name was "Lokey"..that's where she got her great, laid back personality- very "low key".

We discussed Daisy's situation with the kids last night.
Stella said, "Mom, maybe we can send her letters in heaven?"
Yes Stella, Daisy dog has surely earned her place in heaven.
I cannot write how heart wrenching this is for our family....

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