Friday, March 27, 2009

Missing Her

Oh, that speckled pink nose and soft brown ears....
She was a great companion through 5 deployments. She shared all the ups and downs.
She was a bit of a nanny with the kids.
Looking back, I remember worrying about how the dogs would accept a baby coming home.
When we carried Addie home, Daisy welcomed her gently into our family. There was nothing to worry about.
In fact Daisy spent endless nights standing watch over their cribs. She was trained to retrieve diapers for me.
She welcomed home 4 babies. She spent endless hours with them, providing rides, hugs, kisses, a dress up partner, and clean up duty.
The photo above is Emory's toes (not Arleigh)- during the last move. She was there with us through thick and thin.
We're going to miss her goes without saying, but it is her company, the things she did with us, that cannot be replaced.
She loved to play hide and go seek with us.
She smiled in a goofy way.
The incessant wag of her tail whap, whap, whapping on everything she passed...
The walks, the talks, ...she was a great listener.
If you visited our home, she greeted you with one of our socks or shoes in her mouth. If you were lucky, she carried off your shoe or sock too while you visited.
We were lucky to have her as long as we did really. Her life was saved from cancer 6 years ago. Aunt Betsy, then a student in vet school, examined Daisy on a visit to Norfolk.
She noted that Daisy likely had a tumor and that she should be taken to the vet to have it removed quickly. As it turned out, Aunt Betsy was a student who knew what she was talking about. We're grateful for the additional 6 years of time we got with Daisy dog.

She was a buddy to Dudley, she was a family member to all of us.
Daisy, what a great dog....
Thanks for taking such good care of us girl.
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