Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shopping Saturday

With the start of French school comes the need for meeting 'requirements'.
The kids are required to have shoes for 'gymnastique' class.
They are really just funny little canvas shoes, but trying to find them this time of year is a bit difficult.
We set out Saturday to find the shoes and we found a few other things at the Stokkel market too.

I swear- these cars are just plain small. It's pretty funny,
until you try to cram your family of 6 into one!

Addie was checking out this shop.
Can you say "cheese please?"

My girls always love to stop and smell the flowers at the flower markets.
I have to admit, it's a wonderful smell and
so very pretty with all the plants and flowers around.

I had to take this picture because,
as we gazed into the window of this butcher's shop,
I kept wondering what Stella must have been thinking.
She seemed fascinated by the cuts of meat and was clearly intrigued at
the very idea of buying meat in a place other than the typical grocery store.
Who knows what the next shop will bring!

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