Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Little Prince

... does not seem to be able to appreciate that
he's standing in front of a castle that is 350 years old.
All he wanted me to do was take a picture of that stick he's holding.
(of course, I did :)

This little prince doesn't realize he's checking out a castle either
but as always, he's just happy to be along for the ride.

The Grimbergen Castle is very close to the hotel we're staying at.
It's situated in a lovely little park in the town of Grimbergen, surrounded by
a moat, swans and ducks swimming in the moat, and a walking path which
seemed to host a slew of weekend joggers.

There were houses just a stones throw away through the thicket.
I couldn't help but to wonder how fun it would be to say
"why yes, we live just across from the castle..."
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