Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here they are under the cocoa tree.

Addie at the sniffer box-
Seriously, you can smell the sweet scent of their chocolate combinations
via these nifty boxes!

The trip should have been a bit educational, however
my kiddos have yet to settle down from the move
and clearly , all they cared about was getting chocolate at the end of the visit.
That being said, they did sit for awhile with Miss Lorri,
(and another little German cutie at the end of the bench)
for the video on how the cocoa bean was harvested.

Then, of course, they figured out this machine,
which, with the press of a button,
does a neat little demo on chocolate coming
straight from their factory. It delivers a little sample
right to you via a tiny truck that drives around a track.
(Emory's heaven right there in a plastic demo box.)
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