Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Dinner

To our friends and family,
we miss you a ton today.
Happy Easter to you all.

Yep- it was probably a low point for us,
but at least we've got our (immediate) family!
Easter Dinner at a McDonald's on some roadside in Germany.

On our way for Matt to check in at EUCOM this week,
we spent the day in the car driving from Brussels to Germany.

We used our Tom Tom GPS system to direct us.
The GPS told us that it should take 4 hours and 54 minutes
to get to where we were headed.
We need to contact Tom Tom for them to make some adjustments
to their calculation,..
obviously, they didn't factor in 3 kids and a baby riding along.
So, despite Matt pegging the speedometer,
(and cars continuously passing us),
we arrived safe and sound in Stuttgart,....
7 1/2 hours later!
Happy Easter!
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