Friday, April 10, 2009

Man! 6 months already!

So, 6 months later, here he is.
He's traveled to the U.S., Guam, Japan, Belgium, and next week, Germany.
By the time he's almost 7 months, he might have graced the presence of 6 countries.
But so much sweeter than his passport full of stamps, or his collection of
onesies with different language logos, is that
beautiful smile.

His dimples are so inviting and his laugh is,
I swear, the cutest you'll ever hear.

What a great 6 months this guy has given us.
We're so lucky to have you Arleigh!
We can't wait to see you grow into the next 6 months buddy!

(More and better photos to come- we were just out in the yard for a bit today
and I just couldn't help but to snap a few pics. Truly
it wasn't the best time of day for photographs.
Nonetheless, they are photos of our little guy,
so the sunshine, or setting isn't always so important!)
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1 comment:

Julia said...

The little guy is getting big!
And it appears you have yet another blond haired child - nothing like a clean sweep.