Saturday, April 11, 2009

Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis-
Here he is!

All week long, the kids have been asking to go see the Manneken Pis.
An unlikely attraction, this tiny statue (barely 1 foot high) of a small boy relieving himself into a small pool
is as much a part of Brussels as the Grand Place.
The inspiration for the famous statue remains unknown, but mystery and rumor seem to lend to his charm.
One theory claims that in the 12th century, the son of a duke was caught urinating against a tree in the midst of a battle
and was thus commemorated in bronze as the symbol of the country's military courage.

You see him everywhere! But today we went to see the one and only.
The kids had hoped he'd be wearing something...
That's because visiting heads of state to Brussels donate miniature versions of their national costume for the boy.
He now has over 650 outfits (including an Elvis suit!)

Poor Stella,
we were about 1 block away from our visit to the Manneken Pis, when Stella asked
"Ohhhh, when are we going to see the Manneken Pis?"
Matt and I explained, "That was it Stella, that was him over there. Didn't you get to see him?
The little statue of the boy peeing?"
She looked frustrated and very sad, holding back tears she cried
"That's it?!?!"
An entire week of anticipation- now into recovery mode.
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