Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wilhelma Zoo

They wanted to get out today. They wanted to go to the zoo.
So we ended up at Wilhelma Zoo near Stuttgart.
It's a lovely zoo. Next time I'll go back with a stroller and it might
seem all the lovelier.

The photo below was under strong consideration before publishing here.
But I feel it reveals the real kind of day I had with my one and only Stella.
Yep, she was 5 going on 15 today, which made for a slightly bumpy trip.
Publishing this photo might just prevent her from getting into college someday,
but sometimes revenge on kids can be sweet.
Let this not backfire eh?

To make matters worse, the sticky people are still really learning and relearning
a lot of animals that they haven't had a chance to see or discover since we were in Guam.
Of course the zoo's information plaques at each animal are in German.
I had to explain to Addie over and over that she was reading the German name,
that the animal was not different from what we know.
The conversation followed something like this.
"Look mom! a Bar!" (no Addie, I know it says that, but it translates to Bear. That's a bear. Plain and simple.)
"But mom! You're wrong. It says Reh! That's a Reh!" (No Addie, the German word for deer is Reh, it's a deer, I promise.)
"Hey look! A Schlange!" (Addie, that's called a schlange in German, but a snake in English- you're looking at a snake.)
"but it's a schlange kind of snake" (no, schlange means snake!)

I felt like I could schlange someone by the time we were all done!

What a great zoo!
I plan to keep this on the redo list for us next time we're in the area.
The gardens were beautiful and the zoo is truly in line with the best zoos in the states.
Admittedly, I'm glad we made the trip!
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Julia said...

That conversation with Addie over German versus English names of animals almost made me pee my pants! I wish I was there to hear it in person.