Saturday, May 23, 2009

Enough is Enough

This month there have been all too many posts of the sticky people.

If it's not one thing, it's another though.

So we packed it up and spent the day in Ghent.
A welcome and colorful change of pace for Saturday morning.
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Just check it out

Europe is intriguing in that way.
So much variety in such a small space.
Belgium particularly, for the small size of the country
this place has a lot goin' on
Every European street or alley way seems
to beckon "Walk down here! Come see what's around this corner."

and if you do peek around the corner,
just check it out, it seems
there's always a pleasant surprise.
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Hanging out in Ghent.

Tuckered out in Ghent.

A lovely day all in all.
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Ghent Boat Trip

We had to do it.
We told the kids when we got to Ghent, they could ride a boat.
So of course, as soon as we got there, we bought tickets.

The captains introduction made us realize that we'd boarded the wrong boat.

Nevertheless, we sat tight and tried to enjoy the scenic cruise
through the canals of Ghent.
Others were out for a boat ride as well....

There's something not so fun about being stuck on a boat full of people,
with a captain speaking mostly Flemish,
and a baby squealing and pinching your face.

We just had to do it, ...
and perhaps well have to redo it too...
in hopes of getting on the right boat, and
having 4 kiddos more settled for the ride.
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Fun in Ghent

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Gravensteen Castle in Ghent.
Better known to some over the course of history, as
a bit of a torture chamber.

This castle boasts the steep spiral staircases
and high overhanging edges that torture
the parents of restless young children
viewing the castle.

Still worth the 'torture' of a visit.

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First of Many

So, she produced the first of what will hopefully be many more crafts to come.
With some material sent by Aunt Karrie, she's crafted a lunch sack.
Three sacks actually- she made one for herself, one for Stella, and one for Emory.
Way to go kiddo! Fabulous!

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Rarely Alone

This little guy is rarely alone.
I tell you, he's smothered with attention from the minute
he wakes up in the morning until he finally finds peace in his crib at night.

But he he doesn't seem to be complaining!
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

There are times when the sticky folks say things that I just want to remember forever. Here are a few quotes that I wrote down this week which came directly out of the mouths of babes belonging to the Hill posse....

"I wish I had a babelfish program in my head so that I could speak any language at any time. God should invent that." (Addie- while doing her French homework)

"Mom, can you make the GPS drive us to Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium? Pleeeeaaassssse?"
(Emory, while driving to pick up Addie and Stella from school)

"God has the whole world in his hands. ...He has lots of arms." (Stella, at dinner, contemplating how God made the Earth all everything on it)

It's been a long week. But I just can't help but to smile when I reread these. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Breakfast in Bed,...Yummmm!

The quintessential moment of Mother's Day here....
The whole breakfast in bed (for Mother's Day) thing
takes its own twist at our house.
The sticky folks think this is the best time EVER! They invite themselves into
their parent's bed, to inevitably eat the breakfast they made
for mommy.

Then mommy does laundry, cause there are crumbs and jelly
on her sheets :)

And I have the honor of sampling a delightful "new recipe" by my oldest.
"Bananas and crackers"....Yummmmm.
(don't expect this one to fly off the supermarket shelves anytime soon)

'Little man', always to be the caboose,
awoke just as the feast in bed was finished.
Due to his incredible grasp and ability to reach things,
I think his timing was prefect!
Happy Mother's Day to Mom's Everywhere!
Enjoy your day! (at least as much as I enjoyed mine!)
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Happy 'Momtrs' Day

What mom doesn't savor those homemade goodies
on her special day?
This year, they are written in French, (and misspelled English)
so I need to consult my friend, 'babelfish', to find out what
my loving children think of me.

Until I can find my way to the computer though,
I'll savor those young faces behind the French notes,
glitter and glue. After all, that's what's close to the heart.
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Boy with Toys

Fortunately, we saved up a basket of toys for the move.
Our main shipment had been "misplaced" and although now, relocated,
its arrival has been delayed, by an extra few months.
We are expecting our household goods shipment to arrive
in July.
The selection of toys was careful and conscientious.
The bread and butter of the toy assortment, we knew what came along had to last us, for months.
There's something to be said for a few dump trucks and a train set.

And there's something about a boy and the toys
which he never tires playing with.
I explain it exactly, but it's fun.

So three cheers for "digga' stuff", "dump twucks" and the "twain set"!
As for the rest,'ll be like Christmas in July.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Little Sumpin, Sumpin

The monthly Arleigh update has been on hold, cause,
this little guy has had a little sumpin, sumpin,...
like a nasty, ugly, dreadful, miserable, run of the mill,
whatever's goin' around,
everyday cold.

It's so sad to have a sick baby.
Of course, it's just a cold.
It's still miserable.
I'm not much of a betting gal but, I'd gamble the farm to say his little nose can run faster than a Russian race horse.
On more than one occasion in the last 2 weeks, when I was picking up the sticky people from school, Arleigh would be hanging out on my front in the Bjorn baby carrier. Another mother would inevitably approach me and say "uh, he has a little sumpin on his uh, face there"
Nice. So as if my rear wasn't padded enough, it's now got extra cushioning in the form of two packs of tissues. Poor guy. Colds always seem to last too long- no matter how old you are.

Although this virus hasn't stopped handsome from
finding his way to some playtime.
So, I figured, I might as well take a few
shots and call it a wrap on 7 months.

No doubt, he'll continue to flash that warm smile,
and we'll continue to happily gleam back.
Even if it is at the end of a box of Kleenex
and a bottle of infant Tylenol.
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