Sunday, May 10, 2009

Breakfast in Bed,...Yummmm!

The quintessential moment of Mother's Day here....
The whole breakfast in bed (for Mother's Day) thing
takes its own twist at our house.
The sticky folks think this is the best time EVER! They invite themselves into
their parent's bed, to inevitably eat the breakfast they made
for mommy.

Then mommy does laundry, cause there are crumbs and jelly
on her sheets :)

And I have the honor of sampling a delightful "new recipe" by my oldest.
"Bananas and crackers"....Yummmmm.
(don't expect this one to fly off the supermarket shelves anytime soon)

'Little man', always to be the caboose,
awoke just as the feast in bed was finished.
Due to his incredible grasp and ability to reach things,
I think his timing was prefect!
Happy Mother's Day to Mom's Everywhere!
Enjoy your day! (at least as much as I enjoyed mine!)
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jamie said...

Oh you described this far too well. Isn't this what mother's day is all about? The kids eating breakfast in mom's bed? said...

Hey Jamie!
Yes, ...Absolutely!

Shellie said...

Mandy, we just re-found your blog tonight playing around on Facebook. I can't believe how big the kids are!! Man, Stella looks like you. It is weird to think that we haven't seen you long enough that we have never met Emory. And little man isn't very little. Gosh how time flys. I will start reading regularly. Hope you guys are doing well. Your adventures are inspiring. I honestly don't know where you find that energy. Take care! Hugs from Suffolk.

Shellie and Marv