Saturday, May 2, 2009

Orthodox Easter Dinner

This post comes a little bit late, but better late then never eh?
Miss Alina and Mr. James kindly invited our entire posse over for a
traditional Romanian Orthodox Easter dinner.
Miss Alina had clearly worked very hard,
preparing dinner and decorating the table, which was just beautiful.
An assortment of breads, spreads, colorful dyed eggs,
and a roasted lamb awaited our plates.

We shared an Easter tradition which Miss Alina taught us.
Two people, each take one egg. Placing one egg above another,
the first person says "Jesus has risen."
The second person holding an egg, under the first, says "He has risen indeed!"
Then they strike the eggs onto one another.
Then they switch, and the second person holds their egg above the other and
says "Jesus has risen." The process follows, as the first person then says "He has risen indeed!"
Then the eggs are cracked upon each other again.
(It's sort of a game, so see who's egg cracks more.)

We had a great time cracking eggs and sharing this tradition.
For the next few days, the kids all ran around the house saying
"Jesus has risen! He has risen indeed!"

Easter is truly a celebration for the soul. A holiday of spiritual insight.
A time to work harder to be good, kind, respect everyone and everything around us.
The sacrifice of Jesus was a symbol of love and hope.
Clearly, the Romanian Orthodox Easter embodies many of those special symbols and meanings.

Miss Alina said another part of the Easter tradition is,...eating!
We covered that tradition very well, as we ate until we could eat no more.
The meal was topped off with a fabulous carrot cake made by Mr. James.
What a fun day and delicious dinner!
We are so grateful that we were able to learn about the Romanian Orthodox
Easter traditions which Miss Alina shared with us.

Thank you again you James and Alina, for opening your
hearts and home over the holiday.

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