Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ever have a bad day with the offspring?

Da Twanes

Of all the cool stuff there is to see here,
"da twanes" are among their favorites.
They ride for free.
Whoever said "the best things in life are free" knew what they were talking about,
at least when it comes to my kids in a metro station.

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Maneken Pis

We had to check in on the Maneken Pis today,
just to make sure he was still relieving himself.
By now, someone might have told him where to find a toilet.
But sure enough, he's still doing his business into the fountain.

And others are making a profit from his business!
These are chocolates in the Maneken Pis form.

Of all the Maneken Pis collectibles though, this is my
all time favorite!
A must have for every home!
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Belgian Lace Shop

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Come one come all!

This is an official invitation to visit us in Brussels!
We're open for visitors now, so come one, come all!
We'd love to have you!
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Aw, he's just,...

The kids noticed this advertisement on the street.
Europe is definitely more forward and open with their advertising.
We see things here on billboards that wouldn't make it out
of an XXX truck stop back home.
The kids asked "what is that man doing mom?"
"oh? Him?" I pretended to suddenly notice,...

"He's smelling her shampoo!...
you see, that's a shampoo ad."
Stella of course, has to press the issue.
"But why is he in the shower with her?"
"Oh! Cause she just said 'hey, I bought this new shampoo! Come here and smell it!'
Haven't you guys noticed this same ad in the grocery store?"

Somehow, they bit off on the explanation for now.
Man Alive! What are we going to stumble upon next?
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Van Gogh

Who should we run into in downtown but the artist himself!
Vincent Van Gogh!

Yes, Emory noticed the ear...missing.

Authentic Van Gogh? Maybe? :)
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Hungry for a snack

Along the way, we all got a little hungry.
We thought about buying these berries for a snack,
but why should we? We have a n entire yard full
of red currants and raspberries that we pick and eat nightly.

We though about dropping in on these folks- just
because their place looked so darn quaint!

Finally we were convinced in the heat to go for an ice cream cone.
Stella tried a little convincing of her own.
2 scoops? Pleeeeease?

Alls well that ends well.
1 scoop. Chocolate.
Can't beat that!
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Tribute to Michael

There we were in the Grande Place,...
When a crowd began to gather on a stage
set up right in front of the music museum.
Michael Jackson's "
Thriller" was playing over a loud speaker and the crowd was
blissfully cheering and waving their hands.

There were plenty of one gloved fans in the crowd as well.

I have to admit, it was an interesting experience,
standing in the center of a foreign country,
witnessing the crowd pay tribute to
the fallen U.S. pop star.

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Walking it off

Sight seeing means hitting the pavement here,...
the cobblestones that is.

The calories you inhale just walking past the incredible food
in Brussels are countless.

We may have to walk to Russia if we're going to walk it off.
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A few hours around Brussels

A warm Sunday afternoon.
We were all in much need of a break from the house.
So we headed out to visit downtown again.

I just loved the pigeons hiding among all the ornate architecture.
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We had our first official visitors to our home for dinner.
Official as of the delivery of furniture and household goods....
These guys are from the U.K., a lovely family who we just adore.
They weren't familiar with s'mores, we grilled a few for dessert to let them try it out.

I'm not sure, but I think they were a hit.

Aren't they always?

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A Stow Away

I complained about the sand, and the wrapping paper and mound of boxes while unpacking,
and I thought that was the end of our unpacking adventures, until I found this~

a stowaway!

Apparently the USDA missed this one on their Guam inspection.
Let me tell ya, not something you wanna reach into the box to find unpacking.

Another dead one dropped from our patio umbrella last night,
about 2 inches from the edge of my dinner plate.
Nice eh?
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Seasonally Confused

My children are seasonally confused.
I suppose I'm to blame here.
They spent almost 3 years on a tropical island
where they never learned how to put on socks, let alone a coat.
Now they have been wearing boots, coats, and socks,
along with all the other necessary winter paraphernalia.
The problem is,...we've hit summer in Belgium.
but they are still wearing the boots, and sweaters.

Yesterday I took all of Emory's sweaters away.
I told him he could pick out a "summer shirt" to wear instead.
He pulled two long sleeved shirts from his drawer
and said "ok, I'll wear both of these."
"Emory you'll be mush to hot honey, please just wear one."
"I'll wear them both, I don't want to be cold" he begged.
"Emory you'll get all sweaty and wet if you wear those both."
"I'll get wet if I take a tubby."
Some battles are just not worth fighting.
...."ok. you win. Wear whatever you want."

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