Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aw, he's just,...

The kids noticed this advertisement on the street.
Europe is definitely more forward and open with their advertising.
We see things here on billboards that wouldn't make it out
of an XXX truck stop back home.
The kids asked "what is that man doing mom?"
"oh? Him?" I pretended to suddenly notice,...

"He's smelling her shampoo!...
you see, that's a shampoo ad."
Stella of course, has to press the issue.
"But why is he in the shower with her?"
"Oh! Cause she just said 'hey, I bought this new shampoo! Come here and smell it!'
Haven't you guys noticed this same ad in the grocery store?"

Somehow, they bit off on the explanation for now.
Man Alive! What are we going to stumble upon next?
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