Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Restoring Order

A little update-
We're swimming in boxes and packing paper, ...and sand. I swear I never realized how much sand we'd find while unpacking. I'll post pics soon. Promise. The movers arrived on Friday with 10,000 pounds of stuff. Now that stuff is everywhere, inside the house and out. The daunting task of determining what is necessary to sustain life, and what gets tossed, lies ahead.

In the meantime, I found out that a few web albums had accidentally been deleted from the blog roll- this means thousands of photos from the early blogs are gone. So don't look back, please don't! It's my personal tragedy for the year. Like thunder thighs, plumber's crack, wedgies, and old women with blue hair; please, ...just don't look.

The kids are saddened to see the house in such a mess. This baffles me,...when they make the mess, it's just "playing". When mom and dad unpack a move, it's a devastating tragedy in the saga of travel in which they have been ripped from the grasps of their friends and familiar surroundings and thrown into a foreign land. A tragedy I tell you!

The blog, the house, the kids, even my own thunder thighs...I'll fix it. I will. Once we are unpacked. Once we get the small folk settled. Once I get a cup of coffee, dawn the cape and hero costume, I will- eventually, restore order.

Just in pack up and move again.

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