Sunday, June 28, 2009

Seasonally Confused

My children are seasonally confused.
I suppose I'm to blame here.
They spent almost 3 years on a tropical island
where they never learned how to put on socks, let alone a coat.
Now they have been wearing boots, coats, and socks,
along with all the other necessary winter paraphernalia.
The problem is,...we've hit summer in Belgium.
but they are still wearing the boots, and sweaters.

Yesterday I took all of Emory's sweaters away.
I told him he could pick out a "summer shirt" to wear instead.
He pulled two long sleeved shirts from his drawer
and said "ok, I'll wear both of these."
"Emory you'll be mush to hot honey, please just wear one."
"I'll wear them both, I don't want to be cold" he begged.
"Emory you'll get all sweaty and wet if you wear those both."
"I'll get wet if I take a tubby."
Some battles are just not worth fighting.
...."ok. you win. Wear whatever you want."

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