Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zone defense

Being outnumbered as parents sometimes comes at an expense.
Aside from the financial cost of having a larger family, playing zone defense can
mean extra exercise trying to keep up with 4 sticky people
moving in various directions.
Sometimes we can keep up. Sometimes,
we just feel, let's say, out of shape.

Like for instance, last week.
We'd received a package in the mail which contained those Styrofoam "popcorn"
packaging things. When Matt wasn't looking, and I was not home, the
kids had a fabulous idea!
"Make Snow!"
So they carried the box of Styrofoam popcorn material up the stairs and dumped it over the loft
slowly enough to make it "snow" inside the living room.
Take a moment to picture that.
(Matt did not stop to take a photo).

I later questioned Addie, the oldest; always the one to interrogate when things like this happen.
"Addie, why didn't you tell daddy this was going on?"
Quickly, in a defensive tone she remarked
"but mo-om. I didn't do anything! I didn't dump the snow, I just waved the towel to make the snow blow around."
Score 3 points for small people, 0 for the big ones.

Then, last night. I'm prepping dinner, while Matt is, I don't know, supposed to be bathing kids?
But, he was apparently not watching when this happened....

Emory got a hold of the shaving cream and, yes,
decorated the entire bathroom.
Seriously, as if it was a mission, he left no surface uncovered.
By the time I could get there with the camera,
most of the cream had fizzled out into sticky wet piles dripping all over the bathroom.
Score 2 for the kids. Mom and dad- losing.

Then I came downstairs to this.....

Matt likens this one to the scene in the Chevy Chase movie,
"Christmas Vacation " when the cat is under the Christmas tree and chews on the cord,
only to be fried minutes later.
Score 1 point Arleigh- mom & dad, zilch.
Yes, our hands are full. And yes, with 4 on 2, we are constantly playing zone defense.
We wouldn't have it any other way.
I mean really, what on earth would we be doing if our hands weren't full?

O.K.....don't let me ponder that all too long.

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