Thursday, July 2, 2009

Towing the Line... on a low point

Poor Guy- he's hit another low point in his life.
I asked him to rig a laundry line in the yard.
Kindly, he put 2 lines up across the yard,
but he found the line needed support
in the middle against the weight of the clothes.
So his bike rack became an essential part of the laundry line.

Beaten and whipped,
forced to play the role of family man,
good husband, and nice neighbor...
What shall we strip him of next ?
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Julia said...

I really feel for you, Matt...I do. I'm not sure how many bikes you have with you, but I could always send you my rack; since I'm no longer storing two bikes mine just sits against a wall.
And Mandy, you asked what's left to take from Matt, well, let's see...I noticed there was still a shirt on his back. Could you possibly need that for some house cleaning?! Give Matt his bike rack back - use the dryer!