Monday, July 6, 2009

The not so best laid plans led to ...pie

We said we'd take the kids by train to Germany today.
We promised.
But, after we realized that the tickets were quite pricey,
and there were a lot of other decent options.
We confronted them with various ideas.
Drive to Germany? Train to Brugge (Be)?
Drive to Luxembourg?
Stay home and get work done?
Visit a zoo?
They wanted to go to another country,
and they wanted to do it by train.
They were not going to give in.

We hummed.
We hawed.
We went round and round for 2 hours about
where to go and what to do.
The GPS had been put through a work out.
We finally decided we'd head to Germany by car.
GPS estimated 1-2 hours.
Experience told us it'd be more like 3 hours in the car.
We agreed if the trip was becoming miserable, we'd just come right back.
We gathered. We packed. We loaded. And we prepared.
We, finally at 10am, pulled out of the drive way.
About 1 1/2 miles down the road,
the undeniable sound of vomit bellowed out from the seat behind me.
It was Emory.
Emory, had been up the night prior stating he was "hot".
But we thought it was the covers, summer weather, and his warm PJ's.
No. This trip was just not meant to be.
We headed home. Instead of a family trip in Europe,
Emory rested in bed while we picked berries in the yard.
Red currants and raspberries specifically.

For the kids, this might have been just as
exciting as visiting another country. Seriously.

Stella asked to make a pie, so Viola! There it is!

Delicious really, but a little slice of German chocolate cake
might have been quite lovely too :)
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