Saturday, August 15, 2009

All of the Sudden....

She took off!

It's almost hard to believe.
We couldn't be happier.
Though I'd be remiss if I didn't admit,
riding her bike all by herself, makes her seem so much older.
Like when we bring a newborn home,
the baby of the family always seems suddenly bigger.
Balancing on two wheels, moving in her own direction, somehow makes her more grown up .
Now she can go so much further on her own, without us.
Someday I may be grateful for that.
For now, I have to say, it makes my heart a little sad
to see her peddling away, all the way down the street,
where there are cars, and other people, and, well,... a world full of dangers.

Monkey see, monkey do- Stella took off right after Addie.
She's getting the hang of it and won't be left behind.

Emory too- it's just amazing how much older they suddenly seem.

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