Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 3- Brugge or Bust

We decided to head to Brugge today.
First we thought we'd go by train,..but when we got to the metro lot, it was full.
Rather than paying to park the car, and pay for train tickets too, we
switched plans and headed out in the car.
But then we hit traffic,..the slow crawl to no where kinda traffic.
After 1 hour, we'd covered less than 30 km, so we pulled off the highway,
grabbed lunch, and train tickets.
It was here, in the train station, that the girls thought Aunt Betsy needed a
"spa" treatment.

After a lot of scrambling for trains and a brief bus ride,
we finally made it to Brugge.
But we had limited time, because the travel ate up most of the day.
Of course, we weren't in the center market long before
the sky opened up on us and it started to rain.

The Aunt Betsy and Uncle Alex took a carriage ride with the kids,
salvaging what was a difficult day.

Hopefully better luck tomorrow!
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