Friday, August 7, 2009

Generation Gap

The kids love to watch the families of ducks at the playground.
Heck I admit, I love it too.
I fondly remember dad taking my sisters I to feed ducks as well.

Tonight, though, an older couple was watching the ducks also.
All the ducks that is, to include our own family of ducklings.
(See them in the pic here? back on the right?
- I truly hope they didn't notice Emory eating the 'duck food',
consisting of stale PB&J crusts and some molded bread.)

They seemed so content there on the bench
and clearly enjoyed watching the kids play.

There's a poem I used to carry in my bag when I'd do
pharmacy rounds in the nursing homes.
I had several poems on aging actually,
but this one seemed sufficient here...

A lad wished he were older, a really grown up man;
He'd go to work each day, do things his daddy can.

Dad looked wistfully, at grandpa in the shade.
And wished he could retire. Grandpa sure had it made!

Grandpa was just thinking, as he looked for his cane,
how he'd like to travel back, and be a boy again.
-Delphia Frazier Smith "Generation Gap"

They were the sweetest little couple.
I hope they enjoy each other well into their 100s.

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