Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Get the Amblee-ants!

We thought we'd work outside, trimming hedges and getting the yard back into shape.
Matt had just bought a used electric hedge trimmer, and his dad sent us a new gas powered one.
Less than 5 minutes in his hands, the brand new gas trimmer fell apart. Literally, just broke right at the handle.
So I passed on the electric trimmer and began to organize the kids to fill bags with trimmings.
But, about 10 minutes into his trimming, Matt cut the power cord on the electric trimmer.
Which meant instant downtime in the yard.
The kids saw this as a perfect opportunity to play.
Emory shouted "Get the amblee-ants!!!"
With the wagon already out, they were quick to grab their 'medical basket'
and make a patient out of anyone who would lay still.

Next please?

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