Friday, August 21, 2009

In Hindsight

Summer, so close to an end. With the next school year on the horizon,
I was wondering what we'll remember most about this summer.
Will it be the theme weeks? The travel? The patio and grilling with friends?
The visit with Aunt Betsy and Uncle Alex?
Will it be multitude of the forts on rainy days?

Will we remember the lack of opportunity to swim outside
the way we've become accustomed to in Guam?
or the successes like bike riding?

or the little things, like the pigeon, who set up camp for a week on the patio?
(the kids think they nursed him back to health
after he hit the window and took a nose dive.
I think they simply and innocently tortured him)

All I know, is that I look back on the summer with the kids with as
much enthusiasm as I look forward to the next year and beyond with them.
I was thinking today how different that rear view will be in just a year, or five,...
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