Sunday, August 23, 2009


They have our kids in tow, cause theirs "got stuck in the move".

James and Alina are a fabulous couple of friends.
They've been married less than 2 years.
The newlyweds occasionally accompany us places.
They are a lot of fun, make great role models,
and are serious troupers,
(you have to be to survive an outing with this circus act).
Poor James, has clocked more hours
pushing the stroller than I have.
Today we went to Luxembourg.
Along the way, James was chatting with Emory
about why their car is much smaller than ours.
James was trying to point out that their family consists of
Alina and himself, and our family is much larger.
Emory then proceeded to ask James
"Where are your kids? They must have got stuck in the move".

yeah- so, James, Alina, until your children arrive
from 'the move', you can borrow ours anytime!

In Luxembourg we just walked around a bit,
visited a flea market, and had a snack.

I suppose now we can say we've officially visited Luxembourg

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Pat and Tammie Everly said...

Oh Luxembourg! I think I have a picture in a box that looks almost exactly like yours. said...

I'd believe it! Nice, but crowded overlook there in the heart of the city