Sunday, August 2, 2009

This week's theme- ART

This week's theme was "the artist in you".
About 20 minutes into Monday, I realized the endless possibilities in this week's theme
and what I'd planned would barely skim the surface "art" for the kids.
Each day, we painted or sculpted, learned about artists and discussed their works.
We watched videos on artists and viewed some painting in real time.
The week ended with a trip to the Belgium's beautiful art museums,
the museum of ancient art and the museum of modern art.

See that 'big ball' in the photo? It's in the entrance hall,
and it's made entirely of green beetles.
I think it was Stella's favorite piece in all of the collections we viewed.
Who knew?

Most importantly, they created.
They put forth effort,
they worked hard, they learned a little
(and dare I say,..had fun?).

Bravo kiddos! Bravo!
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