Sunday, August 2, 2009


I wish I would have pointed the camera at some
of the people glaring in the museum.
If I'd have mustered the courage, (ah-hem, and foreign language capability)
I'd have told them that
small children are much more capable than most adults might think
when it comes to most anything, and this includes art.

They understand content and context of a painting, color tone,
the meaning of symbolism, and various eras of art work.
They realize art extends to the abstract
and sculpture, (beyond play-dough and plasticine)
and can take on most any form.

They can appreciate that the paint "back then" wasn't mixed
in a can and bought at the art store.
They know brushes, knives, trowels, pigments, and canvas are invaluable tools.
More importantly, they know that imagination and creativity are the most
necessary tools of all.
They get it.
They do.

So frou-frou people of the art museum today
who were oh-so-haughty, listen up.
The next time you mock any child for what you think they
don't know, consider, just for a moment, that you
may be jesting the next Rembrant, Michelangelo, Renoir,
or even a Mary Cassat.
So get over yourselves and get serious about art.
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