Monday, August 10, 2009

White Lies, Medieval Times

~Gravensteen Castle, aka, Castle of the Counts.
~Currently open to the public and houses a large display of
torture weapons from medieval times.
We wanted to take Aunt Betsy to a castle.
With limited time, this one was simply convenient.
However, keeping the kids, innocent of the
ghastly deeds that took place at Gravensteen,
took a little creativity.

Well, truly, a little white lie.

Like the story about how the guillotine
was simply used as a veggie chopper.
That bag there, caught all the town's chopped vegetables of course.

And this guy? He fell asleep in iron wrist cuffs,
during his time out.
I overheard another mother saying to her children as they left the room
"It's important that you guys understand that they don't do these sorts of things to people anymore."
I'm a step behind her. For me, it's important that they don't have a clue what any of the torture stuff is about. It turned my own stomach just to read about it on the wall plaques
so the last thing we need is the kids suffering from nightmares and a lack of innocence.
This time, the stories worked. Next time, we'll just wait outside.
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