Monday, September 14, 2009

His Tricks

One of his newest tricks is to sneak to the stairs and climb up as quickly as he can.
We have a pressure baby gate at the bottom, but occasionally,
it's not put up properly and Arleigh always seems to let us know.
(no worries, someone always climbs up right behind him to be sure he doesn't slip)

Then, once he reaches the top of the stairs, he grabs whatever toys he can find
and then tosses them under the baby gate, to roll,
and bounce, and bang all over the stairs until they hit the floor below.

We'll see how long it takes him
to figure out how to maneuver back down.

In the meantime, even his siblings seem to have trouble keeping him in one place.
They often try to keep him contained so they can play with him,
like Stella did in this "pillow fort".

What new tricks will he have up his sleeve next month?
Not sure I want to know?!?
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