Saturday, September 19, 2009

There's some squeaking goin' on!

They started violin lessons this week.
Aunt Karen, Brad- thank you!
I do believe holding out to find
a Suzuki method teacher (who can speak English)
was an incredible and profound piece of advice.
You are both invited to their first stage performance :)

Madame Francine was wonderful, kind, and more patient than a saint.
She taught the class in French, and used English when necessary
(those moments when the kids or I were staring at her blankly).
One mother thought it was wonderful to have the children taught in two languages, as
this way she got lessons "two for one....violin and language".
All I know is that the kids want to do nothing else right now,
other than repeat their lesson in practice.
So, there's a lot of squeaking goin' on!
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