Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Balancing Acts Under the Big Top

The latest and greatest for the little one comes in the form of his stupendous balancing acts.
Daily, he exercises his new skills of standing tall, and an odd, Pilate's like pose in which he puts his head to the ground, then proceeds to lift a leg or an arm.
We tell ourselves that this must be in preparation for his first steps, though, one can never be quite sure.
You've earned a star little guy,
for realizing at an early age, that you were born into one crazy circus!
Drum Roll Please.........

TA DA!!! Then he shows us "Sooo Big!"
(Applause please)

Once he gets going, he tries all sorts of poses to see what we think...


Sometimes they don't work out so well for him. OUCH?!!?

The favored pose, displayed daily, again, and again, and again.

He prides himself in a balanced stance.
(and the crowd, - Ah Hem! That's YOU!...
goes wild!)

Keep it up funny guy.
You're the star of the show!

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