Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Challenges

to living in a foreign country can be unlimited.
I hasten to add the rewards can be endless.
We've had a few requests recently from other people
who are considering moving overseas.
They request emails or info on what we think about living abroad.
Certainly Belgium is inviting, friendly, and all together interesting.
Nevertheless, when language skills are limited, a challenge is presented.
Simple daily tasks, like grocery shopping, asking directions,
or even running errands can involve serious time and effort.

Take for example, the grocery store.
You have no idea how simple grocery shopping was,
until you find yourself reading every label,
scanning for a hint as to what the container in your hand holds within.
And, sometimes, upon concocting dinner, you find that a guess was a little off.
Instead of sour cream, you purchased yogurt, and instead of vanilla,
you're now stocking a bottle of some brown sugary substance which you don't quite know how to use.
That "cannelle" bottle above? It's cinnamon. Whoda thought?
The little box holds powdered sugar, and the "waterzooi" is a soup.
For the time here, for the experience and opportunity, that sort of thing is a little bump.
A blip. A slight challenge.
But in the daily scheme of things, that grocery trip is hours longer, and getting directions has never been more confusing.
Would we do it over again? So far, absolutely.
We welcome the questions.
We encourage those of you who are considering a move to a new place, to take the challenge.
You just might learn something new.

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