Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do Unto Others

With the sinking value of the dollar, and the relatively high cost of a hair cut,
(on average the cost is about 12 euro for boys, 20 euro for men~ roughly $17-$28 a cut)
we've resorted to doing a few cuts at home.

After all, it seems well tolerated, and much easier not to
have to make a trip for a haircut or deal with a language barrier.
In the end, it's not too terribly messy either.

We don't have a big jar of lollipops, so
what's the best part for Emory?

Returning the favor to daddy!

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KT said...

Hey I don't know if you have seen any pictures of Tommy recently...but he and Emory STILL look like they could be brothers...TWINS no less. We miss you and your family a TON. I love looking at all your pictures and am so glad that this move turned out to be the right one!

Julia said...

I guess its never too soon to start giving your kids the 'high and tight' hair cut. Grooming Emory for the military, huh?

Shellie said...

Damn, Mandy. You are such an awesome, talented photographer. I LOVE your pics. You do have good material to work with though. :-)