Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Little One!

A year already.
He's been through so much, yet it seems like
yesterday that the doc was telling the nurses in delivery to
"wait a minute". Dr. Doss held off his staff,
so I could hold Arleigh a little longer,
just seconds after his grand arrival.

What a year it's been for this little guy.

Oh the places you will go child.
"Round the world in 80 days
here are the places you have graced,
In good spirit with smiles of cheer,
you've seen them all in your first year.

~Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, USA, Guam, Netherlands, Japan~

We wish you a happy birthday, and many great adventures too.
May you visit 10 new places, all before the age of two!"

He shows that birthday cap off well doesn't he?

He's a sweet baby loved by the entire family.
He brings us each fun and smiles every day.

May you have a happy 200 more Arleigh!

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Aaron & Hollie said...

Can't believe it's been a year...such a cutie!
We're still hanging out here waiting for this one to arrive...we'll let you know when it happens. Due on Tuesday and my doctor has given me assignments to get things a goin'. Sure wish you could be in on it here. :) Miss you all.