Sunday, October 4, 2009

One little party

It's not every day that you get to turn 1, so
to mark the big event we invited some friends to help celebrate.
1 year ago today, we brought Arleigh home from the hospital.
His siblings googled over him, fighting at every chance for an
opportunity to hold him, or help care for him.
They still love to hold him, carry him, and help with him.
He's filled with an amazing, laid back, no sweat attitude,
and cheerful personality. I wouldn't have imagined
that day we brought him home, what he'd go through in the first year.
Yet he remains cheery and laid back.
Simply happy to be part of it all.

The cake, and a few decorations (our favorite keepsakes from his first year),
strung around the house, and the gathering of children and lively voices to sing
to Arleigh, set the scene for the "One" little party.

Somehow, Arleigh seemed to know that everyone was singing to him.
He seemed to understand in some way, that this celebration was about him.

We're really lucky to have met such wonderful people here who are happy to
join us to make birthdays and other occasions so festive.

Happy Birthday baby boy!
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